Top 10 Books Every Christian Must Read

16 Jan


Top 10 Books Every Christian Must Read

Top 10 Books Every Christian Must Read

Every christian must gain knowledge on the principles of the Kingdom of God to live the Heavenly life of dominion here on earth. Top 10 books every christian must read address each, a key demand for a successful christian race.

 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.2 Tim 2:15 (KJV)

Books which can literally change your life, give you access to unlimited power for dominion, here they are:

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1) The Burden of Freedom by Dr Myles Munroe

Dr M. Munroe explains how the spirit of oppression (from  sin nature or colonial masters) has specific effects on individuals. Such as laziness, irresponsibility, far-low esteem, lack of initiative, creativity and selfishness. The Burden of Freedom shows the need for the kind of freedom which is more than just a deliverance from the oppressor(salvation from sin/independence). Many believers think salvation and grace brings with it no responsibility at all, but instead it really does. He identifies true freedom: a total transformation of one’s mind (Romans 12:2) from the slavery mentality to a mentality to accept destiny, have discipline and take responsibility for the future.

2) Good Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn

This is one of my personal favorites. To neglect the gift of the Holy Spirit is trying to re-invent the wheel. Pastor Benny Hinn dispels the myths and reveals the personality of the Holy Spirit and His desire to be in an intimate relationship with us. He relates his personal encounters and exciting experiences with the Holy Spirit which has brought him to the level of command we see in his meetings all over the world. You need an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit to indeed be comforted, taught and guided. And right now He is waiting to meet you in the pages of this book.

3) Satan get lost by Dr David Oyedepo

“There is no room for the devil and his demons where Christ has placed you through redemption”- Dr David O. Firstly, the devil has been given too much credit for a longtime as the terrific enemy of the church. But is he really that anymore? Dr David O. leads you through the scriptural understanding of your unquestionable, nonnegotiable authority and power in Christ Jesus over satan and his cohorts. Satan is a defeated(in the past) foe. Discover your redemptive rights today and the devil will never be a factor again in your health, business, family etc.

4) The purpose driven life by Rick Warren

Purpose is what drives creation. What on earth are you here for? Rick Warren takes you through an exciting 40 day walk in this book to help you identify and appreciate the reason for which God created and formed you (purpose). With knowledge of your purpose, you can never get confuse on what path to take. Discover God’s intent for having created you today in the pages of this great book.

5) The Unlimited Power of Faith by Dr David Oyedepo

Faith is the strongest force in the universe, because every other law bows to sufficient faith.  World renowned authority on the subject of faith Dr David O., in this book, unveils scriptural principles for an ever victorious faith walk. He teaches practical steps to meditating on the word of God and growing your faith. Tap into the unlimited power of faith and have life served to you exactly the way you want it.

6) Biblical Keys to Financial Prosperity by Kenneth E. Hagin

Financial prosperity is every christian’s inheritances in Christ. However, without the proper knowledge to have access to it, we remain victims of poverty and all time chasers after money. Papa Hagin releases biblical keys of giving, tithing and securing finances in a simple and comprehensive manner. Your keys to a life of dominion over money just a book away.

7) The purpose and power of love and marriage by Dr Myles Munroe

Dr M. Munroe, takes you back to God’s original intent when He instituted marriage and love. He releases steps to addressing every form of marital challenge gotten from scriptures. He teaches you how to identify true love and strategies to a successful relationship. His years of experience as a marriage counselor bring you good wisdom. There is hope for every marriage and relationship – Hope in God and His word.

“Marriage is such a great idea, only God could have thought of it.” -Dr M. Munroe

8) The Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship by Dr Myles Munroe

We must appreciate the fact outside of God’s presence, our lives will have no meaning. Firstly, Dr M. Munroe brings you to the understanding of this important truth – the purpose of this singing and dancing we do during meetings. He takes biblical heroes like King David and reveals the link between their praise and the exploits they commanded. Practical steps  to effectively bring down the presence of God without having to follow any ritual or customs.

9) The Spirit of Leadership by Dr Myles Munroe

Discovering your personal area of leadership is what will separate you from the crowd and raise your demand. Dr M. Munroe helps you shift the paradigm of your thoughts from that of a follower to a Leader. He uses interesting stories to demonstrate the power of attitude. He shows you the attitudes(mindset) that make a leader. You will learn the right attitudes which will set you free from every opinion people have had about you. Free to become who you were born to be – A Leader!

10) Dream Language by James W. and Michal Ann

In a world full of distractions, excess of reason and scientific proofs, the wonder and power of the dream language is gradually vanishing. James and his wife in this read show you the power of dream language, how to capture your dreams and interpret them. They show simple scriptural principles for breaking the cycle of nightmares and positioning yourself to receive from God in your sleep.

That is my list of top 10 books every christian must read to make the most of their walk with God. Of course this list is not exhaustive, so I’d like to invite you to add it. So please share one or two favorite titles of yours. I, and your fellow readers will appreciate it. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to help as much as I can in the comments section below.

You can share share your experience about any book that greatly impacted your life in our forum, to encourage and inspire others to read it too and… for… any other good and constructive reason.

Bodas D.

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