5 Guaranteed Tips to Top Your Class

14 Apr


5 Guaranteed Tips to Top Your Class

5 Guaranteed Tips to Become Top Student

These 5 tips are guaranteed to turn anyone into a top student in their class with endless ‘A’ grades and unprecedented excellent performance.

These steps are guaranteed to help any student produce excellent results in their academics irrespective of their courses/subjects, department, school, natural ability or IQ (intelligence quotient).

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In the art of becoming an academic genius, the steps are:

1)  Believe In Yourself and In Your Genius

One of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  – Albert Einstein

The limitations of the academic system in properly testing all of a person’s abilities results to many being classified as average or failures. Therefore it is up to every student to believe and acknowledge the truth that they are smart, intelligent and geniuses in their own right. The academic system may fail to see that using it’s generally flawed system of assessment but that doesn’t change your potential. So you have to believe that you have the capacity, potential and ability for greatness in you, because you do. And school is just one of those things you will crush on your way to greatness.

Therefore there is no such thing as an ‘F’ student, but only a genius student who hasn’t yet manifested their potential. So refuse to identify yourself as an average student. That is what they say you are but they are wrong. You are much more than they could ever see. Change your mentality and start seeing yourself as the excellent genius you are, change your attitude towards yourself. Resent mediocrity. Believe!

Once your attitude is corrected, and you get back to believing on yourself and your potential, conscious of the fact that the problem is not with you then it’s time to take action.

2)  Spend Time with Current ‘A’ Students

If the problem is not a matter of whether you have the potential/IQ or not but rather whether you can release or not, then an easy place to start is to observe those who are successfully releasing their own potential. The idea here is to learn from the current ‘A’ students but not to try to become like them – for that will only make the fish dumber. So make friends with the toppers of your class, ask them questions that would help you know how to understand the lessons better while maintaining your uniqueness. Observe their methodologies and approach carefully, so as to gain inspiration and ideas for improving yourself.

The more time you spend with them, the more you will pick up their attitude and way of thinking. The proverb:He who walks with the wise grows wise,…” By making friends and spending time with students who are ahead of you, you learn, challenge yourself and grow.

3)  Make Use of Group Studies – Study Smart not Hard!

If everyone is a genius somehow in a unique and distinctive way then there is nothing to brag or show off about. So it is not really important who is taking the credit for what. Studying in a group consisting of about 2 to 4 persons who perform better than you multiplies your strength by their number. In this way, what could take hours to understand by yourself will only take minutes. And most at times, classmates explain concepts better than teachers as they understand the context of their fellow mate better. So carefully select key persons with different strengths and weaknesses to form a study group on the basis of mutual benefit and easy study.

Whether you solved the question by yourself or you got help with it, once you understand the concepts involved, the glory and all the rest doesn’t really matter. So form your team of geniuses of maximum 5 to 6 members. Beyond 5 members, management and discipline becomes a concern. Make friends and leverage one another’s strengths to compensate for each one’s weaknesses.

4)  Create a Positive Competitive Environment

In every person is the desire and hunger to be the best at all times. Therefore engaging a competition with your fellow mates for the primary purpose of improving and bettering yourselves will be great. Ability always lies dormant until a demand or necessity is placed on it and there we experience a response to that ability or responsibility. So you might never know how far you can go until the responsibility to go further is laid on you. And an easy way to create that responsibility is to engage a positive and non-selfish competitive atmosphere with your mates. It keeps you working and improving. Without the responsibility to become the best version of yourself, complacency kicks in and you settle for less than you are worth.

5)  Study to Know Not to Pass

The pressure of having to pass is the primarily blockage to understanding during studies. Studying because we’re afraid to fail an exam puts us in a stiff position and very little can be absorbed and retained by the brain. Comparatively, when you study things for the sake of the knowledge, more is absorbed and retained over a longer period of time. An example approach of studying to know is to always try to relate the theory from the book to practical life situations and as such you expand your scope of thinking and get to play around with the concepts. Other techniques could be using your imagination to mentally recreate historical events/scenes or actually dramatizing them, gets them better engraved in your memory. Get over the “I am in school to pass” to the “I am in school to learn” mentality.


The most important and underlying idea here is point number 1. If you don’t believe you got it, then it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re simply never going to manifest it. So first believe, then act. Many think they are poor in some subjects like Mathematics because of what some teacher/professor once told them and they believed it and it became their biggest limitation.

Here is an interesting phrase written by Price Pritchett in the book You 2.

“Your skepticism, which you presume is based on rational thinking and an objective assessment of factual data about yourself, is rooted in mental junk. Your doubts are not the product of accurate thinking, but habitual thinking. Years ago you accepted flawed conclusions as correct, began to live your life as if those warped ideas about your potential were true, and ceased the bold experiment in living that brought you many breakthrough behaviors as a child. Now it’s time for you to find that faith you had in yourself before.”

Those were my 5 steps to move from an ‘F’ student to an ‘A’ student in one (1) semester/term. Hope you found them helpful and resourceful. Of course these steps are not all there are as methods for academic excellence, so if you know any you think should be in the list then please leave it in the comments below. Drop your questions and comments below, I will be happy to help as much as I can. If you loved this article, then I’ll encourage you to share it with three (3) of your mates – why not with your potential group study members. Thanks for reading!

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