Six Signs That You Will Be a Leader

27 Feb


Six Signs That You Will Be a Leader

6 Signs That You Will Be a Leader

Leadership is not about techniques of manipulating people or controlling followers. What makes a successful leader is their belief system or in other words the way they think. Below are the 6 general beliefs and thought patterns that have been observed in the greatest leaders of our world. If you match these signs then you are sure to be a successful leader.

The six signs that proof you will be a successful leader are:

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1)    You Believe In yourself

What makes the difference between leaders and followers is that all leaders belief in themselves. This means you have the assurance and confidence that you are up to the task that lies ahead of you. Many people rely on other people’s opinions and thoughts to stir their lives. When you believe in yourself, you don’t need approval from anybody to live the vision in your head. You have a firmly grounded self-concept, self-worth and self-esteem. This is the most important sign of them all and if you have it, then you are sure to be one great leader!

2)    You Have a Passion for Your Work

A deep passion for your work is the antidote to discouragement. When you are passionate about your work, your passion literally drives you to file in the extra hours which followers don’t put in. Without a passion, discouragement easily sets in once challenges come. Every successful leader knows that failure is part of the process and so despite the storms, crisis, bankruptcy that may show up, their passion drives them through the wilderness of discouragement into an oasis of hope and belief. Many followers give up at the first instance a challenge comes their way. So if you have passion for your work, then that’s a plus one for you!

3)    You Love People

Your main job as a leader is to develop the people under you into taking responsibility and helping you drive to the vision you have in mind. If you don’t love these people, then you are never going to be able to develop them properly. People don’t trust a leader they perceive doesn’t fully love them. And because leadership is a trusted privilege, you are never going to be a successful one. So if you love helping people, improving people, supporting people, assisting and being around people, then you have plus one sign of a great leader.

4)    You Have the Ability for Aloneness

A leader is a thinker, developer and builder. All this is mostly possible when you are by yourself in the calm. However, aloneness is different from loneliness. The latter is a disease. Ability for aloneness means you love the company of yourself, you have good conversations with yourself in your mind and just enjoy being by yourself. This is important because the people who are with you today might leave tomorrow and if you base yourself solely on them, you’ll get broken down. True leaders never seek followers, they are first in love with themselves. Having good thoughts about yourself and having exciting discussions in your head is a plus sign that you are a going to make a wonderful leader.

5)    You Have a Satisfaction in Others Success

A sense of insecurity and jealousy when other people are succeeding is typical of followers who are going nowhere. One sign that you are going to be a successful leader is that you sincerely celebrate and appreciate the successes of others especially those under you. Jealousy is an attitude of those who are not interested in making a change. Therefore, they resent those who make the change. Having a sense of confidence in where you are going is key to satisfaction in yourself and others successes. The goal of leadership is to produce more leaders not maintain followers. So once others around you succeed and you are proud about it, then a great leader lies within you.

6)    Your Commitment is to Humanity

The world is fed up with politicians who rise only to take advantage of the people, and enrich themselves. What motivated the great world changers like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresia and Martin Luther King Jnr, was their commitment to the betterment of the society they lived in. They were ready to go to the grave for this cause. Your big idea must be to make mankind better, and give humanity a bigger hope. So think in terms of other people, not self, and you would have the sixth sign of successful leaders.

Leadership is the capacity to influence others through
inspiration motivated by a passion, generated by a vision,
produced by a conviction, ignited by a purpose. – Dr. Myles Munroe

These are the six signs, which if you already possess, are sure proof that you will be a successful leader in whatever field you are. However, if you don’t yet possess any, you can work and develop yourself into having them. If you need material to develop or improve yourself in these qualities then I’ll love you check out my recommendation of Top 10 Leadership Books. I have done all the search and research for you so, enjoy!

Of course this list is not exhaustive and I invite you to think of just one more sign that you are sure proofs that someone is going to be a leader. I, and your fellow readers are quite eager to also learn from you in the comments below. If you have any questions or thoughts, I will be very happy to answer and help as much as I can in the comments below. I value your thoughts and ideas, reason why I invite you to join the discussion in our Leadership forum

I want you to think of two (2) friends, colleagues or family, who you admire their leadership ability, share this article with them and get their reaction. Remember Sharing is Caring. Thank you for reading.

Bodas D.


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  • Afor Paul

    Bodas am really inspired by this phrase which to me I think is a culmination of all these 6 signs or keys. It reads; “SHARING IS CARING.”
    Just this alone has fed me up this morning and am sure to share whatever I have with as many people I find. Thanks very very much for this masterpiece. Jesus’ blessings on you are evident.

    • Bodas D.

      Whaouh I’m so happy to hear that Paul, it’s such a pleasure to share the principles of God with you and glad to know you’ve been blessed by it. I am motivated to keep serving you all out there with every ounce of strength left. Thanks again Bro.

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