Self-Government | The Best Form of Government

14 Jul


Self-Government | The Best Form of Government

     Why Self-Government is the Best Form of Government

The problems and challenges faced by our world today were either created or aggravated by government. The question of change and what form of government to adopt, is increasingly being asked, as the masses continue to be dissatisfied with their current forms of government. Is it democracy, socialism, communism or republican, all these government systems have failed to solve the problems of our world. Surprisingly as it may sound, the form of government that man has been looking for thousands of years today is Self-government.

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 What is Self-governance?

First of all, government is a system of rule, used to manage and maximize the resources of a given people for the betterment of these and their environment. Therefore we can define self-governance as “the management and maximization of one’s personal resources for the betterment of one’s environment and self.” Self-government is every single human managing and maximizing their personal resources (which is nothing other than their inherent gifts) to improve their lives and that of those around them. Of course every human is born with a unique gift to solve a problem the world is facing today. The successful exploitation and release of this gift brings about success, wealth and above all fulfillment.

To govern oneself means to study, understand, manage and maximize one’s potential for the betterment of one’s environment and one’s self. This involves developing one’s morality, self-discipline, meekness and adherence to the laws of effective living instituted by the Creator.

What is the Role of External Government?

External government like democracy, socialism, communism, and republic were all created to both liberate the masses from the grip of monarchs and to bring maximum exploitation and equality in the distribution of resources. However looking at history and our society in the economic, social, political and physical point of views, it is clear that these forms of government are far from achieving this goal. Poverty is on the rise as the gap between the rich and the poor widens up, street crimes and social decay rapidly increasing, political clashes with war and environmental degradation are a clear consequence of the limitations of external government.

What is the Origin of Self-government?

As surprising as it may sound, God never instituted any form of external government after the creation of mankind. So all the defective forms of government existing today are products of limited man. According to Biblical records, the only instruction given to man by his Creator was to maximize himself and the garden in which he was placed (Genesis 2:15 NIV). So Adam was given the instruction to work and release his potential because therein lied his success and fulfillment.

What is the Origin of External Government?

External forms of government were founded in the times when some humans who possessed certain characteristics were considered to be superior (sons of the gods) than the majority masses and therefore had to rule over others. As such the masses never had to think for themselves but rather submit to a system promising benefits like employment, housing, a better life etc. However conditioning people’s minds to turn them into big dependent babies is exactly what is weighing down the great democracies of the world today. The system which was made to force the masses to depend and be dominated by the leaders is being stressed to its limits as more and more people depend on it for social security, employment etc. So it is demanding more from the leaders at the top than the dominion benefit they are receiving.

What are the Limitations of External Government?

It is important to note that unlike the general idea, we really don’t have community problems – rather we have personal problems that affect the community. A couple personally gets a divorce and the children produced from this broken home, with defective self-worth and self-value tend to plunge into crime and this affects the community. A typical personal problem becoming a community problem. External government in all its efforts tries to fight these community problems by addressing the entire community as a whole but never addressing the root cause of the problem. The system of self-government however will improve every single individual in the community until the entire community is improved. Like Dr. Myles Munroe says: “The breaking of personal law creates public chaos!” So we have people ignorant of their gifts and potential and worst of all their responsibility to cultivate it, malfunctioning and affecting their community.

What are the Advantages of Self-government?

The greatest advantage of self-governance is that it works/improves every single human who makes up a community, like the cells of an organ or body. American psychologist Abraham Maslow in his research of the top needs of men discovered that at the last level of needs, humans seek actualization – leaving a mark on the world. Self-government answers this call. When an individual understands their gifting and value to the world, they discipline themselves and govern themselves so as to contribute that gift, leaving behind a legacy. This was the case with great men like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jnr., Mahatma Ghandi, Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan, John D. Rockefeller, Kenneth E. Hagin, Myles Munroe, Mother Theresia, just to name a few. They solved a problem their environment was facing. John F. Kennedy, American president said: “Don’t ask what your nation can do for you; rather ask what you can do for your nation.” That is a call for self-governance!

1.   Financially

Self-government is the sure cure to poverty. Actually there is no poverty in the world – only greed and laziness mentality. Despite the abundant resources, because some haven’t been able to see beyond themselves to their purpose, they, out of insecurity accumulate wealth at the expense of others. Wealth which they might never get to spend. Self-government is more about giving back – contributing than hoarding. Others refuse to think for themselves and become lazy with a mentality of oppression depend on the government for basic needs and accuse the rich of begin greedy. Of course not all rich people are greedy.

If only men could understand that their wealth lies within them in the form of untapped potential of books, magazines, constructions, inventions, music, painting etc. they wouldn’t be chasing paper at the expense of the true deposit of wealth. Self-governing yourself makes you realize that you were born with a gift that is a solution to a problem this generation is facing. The moment you solve the problem, you become valuable and everything valuable just like precious stones is worth plenty money. Therefore every problem is a business opportunity and the solution is a business. And since you were born with a unique and specific solution within you, that makes you a business.

2) Socially, Morally and Physical

A self-governed person understands the impact of their habits on society socially, therefore studying their potential, practicing the laws of life in scripture and self-disciplining themselves makes them socially and morally fit for society. A contributor to society cannot be simultaneously be a nuisance to the physical environment.

How to Implement Self-Governance?

Certainly while we are still humans on this earth, there is always going to be the need of a general overseeing body for deliberating on general decisions and the exploitation of the earth resources. But such government will only be as efficient as the degree of self-governance employed by every individual. Another challenge is no one can legislate self-governance but if properly implemented there wouldn’t be a need. Self-governance is God’s original idea for man, so it must be discovered, learnt, exercised and lived.

Many of the examples above discovered their governance under crisis and thus their leadership potential in that area was born. Therefore the ability to exercise this form of government is inherent in every human. However, no need to wait for crisis, we must study self-governance, understand it and teach it to our children. If from a young age these children understand that they were created for a purpose and are valuable and loved in the eyes of their Creator, they are not likely to have insecurity and internal problems. The most guaranteed way of rediscovering our personal leadership and self-governance is reconnecting back to our Source, God. Man was created by and from Him and so we cannot function properly apart from Him. Without this we would just revert to living like and beyond animals, abusing everything we come across – the purpose of our genitals through homosexuality/promiscuity; our lungs and liver in tobacco and alcohol; our brains in drug etc. But we are better that than!


We must develop a sense of purpose, value, worth, importance and responsibility to mankind if we must make the world a better place. Self-govern yourself, release your gift to the world, solve problems and no one would be able to ignore you because of your value, and your success & wealth will be imminent.

Self-governance is the key to your freedom, first from yourself and others opinion about you. It is what the world needs right now. If you’ll love to develop and self-govern yourself into wealth, success and fulfillment.

Finally, if you have any questions or comments, leave in the comments below and I’ll be happy to help as much as I can. If you think some other form of government is better than self-government, I will love to learn that below and with your reason why. If you found this article interesting, please share it with two (2) of your friends and get their opinions. Thanks for reading!

Bodas D.


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