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14 Sep


Secret Cure To Your Financial Anxiety and Stress | Wisdom for Dominion

Secret Cure to Financial Anxiety and Stress

Is it really possible to live your life on a daily basis without worrying about money at all? Is it possible to completely get rid of financial anxiety and financial stress? Before you answer that, I will like to inform you that not everybody worries or stress themselves out when it comes to money. Not necessarily that those who don’t worry are rich per-se. As a matter of fact, your degree of wealth has little to do with your level of financial anxiety. Because while the poor worries and frets on how to make more money to pay the bills and join the rich club, the rich worries and frets at thought of losing all their money.

Like some people you may say  you just want enough to get by. Whatever the case, the wise king of Israel drove the point home when he said “money answers all things” (Ecc. 10:19). We just can’t ignore the subject of money as long as we live on planet Earth. Even as a church going, tongues speaking  kingdom citizen, you still need money to pay your bills. Else you will be tongues speaking in pitch darkness after the electricity company cuts your power. In this post, I hope to communicate a secret about money, one which I have tested and proven myself. It will change your perspective and save you from so much financial stress and anxiety.

I remember at the university, no matter how much I tried to economize my allowance, I always ended up with more month at the end of the money. You will agree with me that there’s certainly some mystery about money that makes it never to be enough. Have you ever been so broke that you wished you could hibernate for the remaining days or week to payday? Yap, that’s how I felt most of the times. Not to even mention the anxiety and stress of spending the night with ‘zero’ and sometimes even ‘minus’.

Did you notice that I said “hope to communicate”? The truth is you may have heard of this principle, perhaps many times. But like a seasoned scientist once said “you can’t teach a man anything. All you can do is help him discover it”. And this principle makes sense only when we apply and experience it. So I am not inventing or showing you anything new here, but I hope to relate a probably old principle to you, in a whole new way and light.

Someday at the university, it dawned on me that this can’t be the normal way of life for man, not to talk of citizens of the kingdom. In my quest for answers and a possible solution to my predicament, I learnt a two things:

  1. Worry and anxiety were the result of where or from who I got my financial security.
  2. The money you have or do not have in your bank account has nothing to do with my financial status in the kingdom in which I live.

Point one (1) was very capital to me because it did not only help me get rid of worry and anxiety, but being able to get rid of them gave me a clear mind to be able to tap into some new financial sources I had no idea about before. My graduation from the college of financial anxiety and stress happened when I came across the scripture “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You. Because he trusts in you“(Isaiah 26:3). The main cause of my anxiety and fear was that my mind was focused on my parents as my supplier. So the thought of calling and getting rebukes or complains about how hard the economy is, was paralyzing.

So where do you get your financial security from? Is it from your job, parents, spouse? Where is your mind focused on? The answer to that question automatically tells you where you financial source is and eventually your degree of financial anxiety. The moment I switched my mind from my Dad (biological father) to my God (Heavenly father) I was delivered. The economy will keep going up and down, you may not keep your job, nor your parents or spouse, so depending on them for security is setting yourself up for a heart attack.

The minute you successfully switch your mind from limited man/earth to unlimited God/Heaven, you open doors for supernatural supplies. This doesn’t mean you will fold your arms sit around, shouting “Amen, I receive the money” like many of my brethren have sadly been bewitched in Africa. But rather it means you will go through everyday confidently knowing that Someone bigger, stronger and limitless has got your back. And when that thought is fully conceived in your heart and rooted in your mind, all your anxiety will die a natural death!

Hey, big question right now: How Rich Are You? Put another way, What Is Your Net worth? This brings us to point number two (2). I must confess that once I began lessons on financial education and wealth creation, these two questions were my obsession. The minute I will hear someone famous, straight to Google I will rush to search their net worth. I will spend precious work time during my internship, day dreaming on people’s net worth and how rich they were. But somehow I could not fully decide on what I wanted my own net worth to some day look like on Google. One day I’ll feel like I want to get to billions and some other day it feels like millions is good enough. Then there comes in the stereotypical guilt of desiring to be too wealthy around here. This went on and on until I caught on with my Teacher.

I came to realize by the help of God’s Spirit that net worth somehow didn’t exist in the kingdom dictionary. And this makes sense since every King personally owns everything in their kingdom. But the exciting part is every citizen of that kingdom has full access to whatever resource when they need it. If you don’t own any resource and have access to every resource you need when you need them, this will imply you never have a fix net worth. Or more precisely your net worth is actually your king’s net worth which is your entire kingdom’s value. Whaouh, this makes me feel like shouting. Are you that wealthy? Absolutely! When you submit to King Jesus you automatically are a privileged enlisted benefactor of all His Kingdom’s wealth.

So on Monday, God could need me to do some kingdom project for $1 billion and He will supply it. So I may seem to have a net worth of $1 billion on Monday. Then on Tuesday He tells me citizen B in so so country needs that resource more and I move it to them. So now on Tuesday I may seem to have hit rock bottom from $1 billion to $0, but is it so??? No! I still have access to all the kingdom’s resources, I mean all of it and so do you right now!

So whether you have $1 Million in the bank or just $5 in your pocket, your net worth is static and standard. You don’t need to get anxious or scared when the salary is gradually ‘seeming’ to run out. Your access is beyond that. So hold your head up and walk in total peace, confidence and exuberance. It’s not about what you’ve got in the bank or your pocket, it’s about where you’re tapping from. This is the Kingdom! I hear of husbands & fathers who are very gently and kind when their salary comes in. Then turn to be very unromantic and lethal when they’re broke. This is not how it’s supposed to be.

My prayer is that you will grasp the light in this simple truth and principle. Jesus never carried things up and down. He simply had access including His olden days equivalent of today’s limousine – donkey! Reprogram your mind for access and not for ownership. Once this happens, the first prove is that you will readily give things away even and especially when you don’t seem to have enough. The reason we hold on to things too long is because we fear we might not get some other one. But remind yourself with this:

25 One person gives freely, yet gains even more;
    another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

26 A generous person will prosper;
    whoever refreshes others will be refreshed

Giving, cheerful and liberal giving is a proof of confidence and faith in your true source. With your anxiety and fear gone, you will now have a clear mind to hear of the business opportunities being communicated to you on a daily basis. Ideas & revelations but this time around, you have the peace and presence of mind to do something beyond giving excuses about it.

Hope this has been a blessing to you, please share with me in the comments, your thoughts and any principle that has helped you fight financial anxiety and fear. If you thought of someone while reading, show some love by sharing with them and two other people to also be a blessing to them. Thank you so much for reading, it’s my pleasure and honor. Remain blessed!

Bodas Djoumessi


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    Wonderful article

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    Wow, I confirm point 1, I have personally seen it in my life.

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    God bless you.thank you

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    This is a blessing

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    Powerful message thank you and God bless you.

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    I thank God for your life and using you as a vessel in your teachings to bless so many. May God Almighty continue to grant you more grace, wisdom, knowledge and favour from above. Amen

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    I’m learning a lot about finances here. thank you Sir. God bless you.

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    Thank you I’ve gotten a clear secret.

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    This is an actual relief, God bless you bro B

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    Great and very helpful article to ponder on. Thanks for this. God bless more.

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    Thanks allots,for your help and motivation.i loved them nd it have helped me

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