Dream Language: How to Recall and Interpret your dreams.

23 Jan


Dream Language: How to Recall and Interpret your dreams.

How to Recall and Interpret your dreams

Dreams are a medium of communication between our human spirit and the realm of the spiritual. Knowing how to recall and interpret your dreams will give you access to new revelation.

Many at times, God resolves to reach us through dreams. This is because our sleep times are the rare moments when we are quiet and away from the busy machinery of civilization.

Everyone has a dream language unique to them and they must learn it. Below is a short 5 min video on how to recall and interpret your dreams.

If you don’t want to stream the video, then keep reading on and you will learn these secrets.

Dreams – Communication tool: You probably have had the experience of witnessing a scenario and then suddenly pause with the impression that “I have seen this before” or “I knew this was going to happen”. Perhaps the feeling that no wonder I had a dream relating to this sometime ago.

Dreams are a natural inherent capacity in man to receive ideas, guidance, instructions and revelations from the spiritual realm. Everyone dreams but very few can make something out of their dreams.

Recalling Your Dream

You would agree that dreams are notoriously elusive. In most cases, you wake up fresh from a dream and find that it is already fading in your memory. Here is a simple way to ensure you recall your dreams.

Use a Dream Journal for Recording Your Dreams

The best way to improve your chances of recalling your dreams is to get them “downloaded” from your mind once you receive them into a safe storage. A book and pen by your bedside is perfect so you don’t have to wake up and leave the bed before recording your dream.

So when you wake up fresh from the dream, you record the scenarios, the main colors, the people, statements heard and the emotions you felt in the dream. All this will help hint you and on what direction to interpret the dream.

With your dream safely stored on paper, later in the day you could refer, read the story and find the images coming back together in your mind.

Moreover, you could use a tape recorder or phone recorder. In situations where writing might not be suitable, you could just pick up your phone by the bedside, turn on your recorder app and voice in your dream. But pretty much any method that will help you get the images out of your volatile mind to a save storage. (If you know any other method that has worked for you, I am very excited to examine and learn in the comments section below J).

Identifying and Interpreting your dream


You should realize that dreams are in categories. Knowing what category your dream falls into will speed up the interpretation process. Dreams can be classified into 3 categories:

Soul dreams: These are the images that are created by your own soul after a long day and most likely have no implication relating to your future. But they might sometimes help you realize how much you are pushing yourself to the wall on something. They mostly have to do with what you are thinking about a lot. For example: 1) If you are fighting to meet up with a very importantly deadline so much so that your emotions are completely absorbed emotional by it. The next thing you realize is that your dreams are about that deadline.

Dreams from the enemy: The devil tries to lure Christians astray with some wrong dreams. The moment you act on them without proper diagnosing you get yourself into trouble. An easy way to identify such dreams is by checking it’s coherence with the word of God. Any dream whose message is not in accordance with scripture is not worth considering because God does not contradict Himself. For example: your marriage is going through some tough times and you have a dream with advice/instruction to get a divorce. All over scripture, God is totally against divorce (Malachi 2:16). The only place in scripture with the only acceptable reason for divorce is in Matthew 19:3-8. Therefore without that condition, a dream pointing you towards divorce is certainly from the devil.

Divine dreams: Dreams from God are those embedded with a message. Dreams from the celestial realms are accessible to everyone. They carry with them counsel, direction, correction, warning, inspiration, encouragement, revelation, comfort etc. This is the category we must seek interpretation for.


man dreaming in bed

Interpreting your dreams is a very delicate exercise because a wrong interpretation will lead to wrong decision making and eventually wrong action. Wisdom is key to interpreting dreams. However, we must realize and acknowledge that the true interpretation of dreams can only come from the Person who gave the dream in the first place (Gen 40:8b). Wisdom doesn’t just fall at once, you grow in wisdom. The more you exercise right judgment and action you become better at doing it. So relax, you are sure going to miss the interpretation of your dreams a number of times but that shouldn’t stop you. We all do miss it sometimes, reason why, we must go back to the Master dream weaver and giver, for proper diagnoses and interpretation.

Let me show you the 3 types of dreams and way of interpretation as James W. and Michal Ann Goll put it in their book Dream Language.

Simple message dream: Such dreams are straight forward and need no interpretation. Like a simple answer to a question you have been asking yourself or God. An example is seen in Matthew 1:19. The angelic instructions to Joseph were direct and needed no interpretation.

Simple Symbolic dreams: Dreams can be sometimes filled with symbols. Oftentimes, the symbols are clear enough to be understood by the dreamer and others. Biblical Joseph had and his dream in Genesis 37, though consisting of symbols of the sun, moon and stars was clear enough for understanding to the point his brothers wanted to kill him for it.

Complex Symbolic dreams: Complex symbolic dreams demand interpretive skills and wisdom from someone with experience in dream interpretation. Or someone who knows how to seek the Master dream weaver for revelation. Such dreams can sometimes be confusing and not make any sense. An example is Biblical Daniel (Daniel 8) who had to seek revelation from God to know and interpret king Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

Don’t worry about interpreting complex symbolic dreams. Most symbols in dreams are always in relation to the dreamer’s sphere of influence, work, culture etc. And understanding these symbols even from one dream will help you subsequently in interpreting another. There are enough resource material to get you started in this area.

Most importantly, you need to always go back to God in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to help you interpret the dreams.

Search the scriptures to gain insight of how dreams were interpreted, treated and try to yours to them

Below I have recommended a book with enough resources from scriptures and pioneers in dream revelation from which I learnt myself, which contains:

  • Common dream types and their probable interpretations which you could adapt to your sphere of influence.
  • A collection of dream symbols and their probable significance or interpretation.
  • More details knowledge on steps to proper dream interpretation.

Follow the link below, pick your copy and join us on this journey to fluency in our dream language.

In conclusion, we need to be willing to risk those little mistakes as we venture in faith into the realm of revelation, and trust God to protect us from the big ones.

Therefore you grow in your ability to interpret dreams or fluency of dream language as you interpret one dream after another.

I hope you learnt a few things about recalling and interpreting your dreams in this article. Of course this content is not exhaustive. So if you have some other good methods for recalling & interpreting your dreams, I, and your fellow readers will be happy to hear from you in the comments below. “Don’t be afraid to dream”.


Bodas D.

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