How to Overcome Crisis

13 Apr


How to Overcome Crisis

How to Overcome Crisis

Crisis is an emotional significant event or radical change of status in a person’s life or environment in which immediate reaction is required. While many people sink and suffer during a crisis, some just thrive and seemingly can’t wait for the next crisis. Let’s dive straight into the five (5) steps to overcoming crisis. Help you prepare, overcome crisis and become more successful in your life, relationships, career, business and academics.

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Understanding Crisis

It is important to note that the Chinese use two characters to represent crisis 危机. The first  for danger and the second  for opportunity. So crisis is always two sided. Yes there is impending danger and catastrophe but also there are opportunities for the best. So every crisis is either a nightmare or a goldmine. It is you who decides what it becomes for you. You may have lost your job, relationship, finances, or perhaps you’re experiencing a recession or economic meltdown as the world today. You can choose to focus on the opportunities that brings and thrive or sink by focusing on the danger/pain.

Benefits of Crisis

With crisis comes change. Crisis brings the opportunity for personal growth. It brings an opportunity for creativity, as the routine methods of doing things gradually become obsolete. Most important of all, every crisis places demands on your hidden potential and literally introduces you to yourself. You have no idea of your capacity and capabilities until a demand is placed on them to be exposed. You can endure much more than you could ever imagine. Many times we get so complacent and habitual with convention that life has to push us around to tap out the hidden power in us.

The Secret to Life

No crisis is permanent. All crisis are just for a season. So if you are broke right now, then it is a season and the good news is all seasons have an end. Seasons change. Therefore the secret to life is to outlast seasons. If you can just persevere and outlast your season of lack, you will eventually enter your season of abundance. Can you outlast every crisis in your life? Yes. You were built for adversity, you were built for crisis. You have what it takes to become far more successful in it than you were ever before.

To successfully transition through crisis and emerge victorious:

1)  You Must Put on the Right Attitude

It is impossible to see the opportunities in a crisis with the wrong attitude. You must put on the mindset of a victor, conscious of your inherent capacity to succeed. The moment you give up and give yourself to pity parties and emotional squalor, it is over. But you are better than that, you are strong and built for adversity. In every crisis don’t ask if you can?, but how can you? Don’t panic, think. What can you do, which other way can you approach the problem and get the required results. By doing this, you will begin to see ideas coming up and your potential manifesting itself.

2)  Prepare and Plan

Even while you keep a positive attitude, it is important to face the brutal facts of your situation. Things aren’t going to be the same as they were before. So you must make all necessary preparations and write a plan to make maximum use of the limited resources in your disposal. Compensate every lack with your ability to think creatively for new methods. Don’t panic, plan!

3)  Get Counsel from Experienced People

Get advice from experienced authorities who will not just give you advice from opinions but from principles which they themselves have tested in their lives. Sometimes a crisis becomes so overwhelming that emotions cloud our judgments of circumstances and we tend to overstate their magnitude. So having supportive guidance will be helpful in analyzing the circumstances. This could be a godly mentor or spiritual authority.

4)  Protect Your Environment

A negative and non-supportive environment will affect the quality of the decisions you make. Protect your environment jealously by keeping around you only the people with the right attitude. Remember eagles don’t keep company with pigeons. Don’t try to please anyone, focus on your plan and keep the pessimists far away from you. A positive environment will breed positive thoughts, better ideas and successful solutions.

5)    Never Make Decisions Out of Pressure

You must always make decisions out of purpose and in keeping with your vision not out of pressure. Pressure is temporal, so making a permanent decision in it will lead to regret soon after. Make decisions out of the peace in your soul. Is it the right thing to do? Why are you doing it? Are you just trying to satisfy your parents, friends or colleagues? Always calm down, take a break, think all your options through and make a decision when you feel the comfort and peace in your heart.

Three Detrimental Responses to Crisis

Never make decisions:

i. Based on Emotions

Emotions are temporal, a golden rule of life is never to make permanent decisions on a temporal situation. That your marriage is going through a tough time, is a temporal situation. Rushing in for divorce then will lead to regret afterwards. Yes you are hurting, but if you hang in there long enough while thinking of a proper solution, that season is going to come to an end.

ii. Based on People’s Advice

Many times, friends mean well but any advice that is not in keeping with your purpose and vision is not worth it. You are not supposed to be guided by other people’s experiences. Advice is free but you must take only what you need.

iii. Based on Facts

Facts are a description of the present condition or state of things. Meaning sooner or later the states could change. Make your decisions based on principles which never change. Don’t focus on what is, rather focus on the opportunities and possibilities – what could be.


Rise and take responsibility for the outcome of your life. Don’t sit around pointing fingers that you are not what you want to be because of this person or that thing, failures do that and you ain’t one of them. You might have been through a bad experience, well, that was an event, get over it! The power for success still lies within you and you can bring it out anytime you determine to. Remember you are built for this, you have what it takes. With the right attitude you will begin love crisis.

For more principles and wisdom on how to enrich yourself out of every crisis, I recommend you get a copy of the bestselling book

by Dr. Myles Munroe, world recognized business advisor.

So those were my five (5) steps to overcome crisis. Please leave all your questions and comments below, I will be happy to help as much as I can. Crisis is guaranteed for everyone in life. So if you have any personal experience of going through a crisis, I, and your fellow readers will love to learn from you in the comments below. If you loved this post, please support us by sharing it with two (2) friends. Thanks for reading.

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