How to Overcome Depression

22 Dec


How to Overcome Depression

Welcome, in this article we are going to learn how to overcome the emotional challenge of depression forever. And that from an authentic perspective gotten from the original idea about you. If you grab this idea then this would be the last time you search on this subject again.You can watch our video on overcoming depression below.

If you don’t want the video or need further explanation, keep reading on.

Depression is an emotional challenge and is a result of external influences on you. Whatever negative feeling you are fighting with is a product of your environment. The happenings around you which you let affect you negatively. For example: you lost your job, cannot pay a certain debt, lost someone or even had a break up in a relationship.

The challenge with depression unlike sadness is that you can’t really figure out from the surface what is wrong with you. Therefore the very first step to dealing with it is:

A) Identify the root cause of your depression.

Understanding the root of your depression is solving 50% of your challenge. The truth is unlike the impression one gets to feel that a lot of things are actually going wrong, there is usually just one core problem(challenge) at the root of your depression. This problem creates a “ripple” effect, affecting several other areas of your life. Let me give you a sample scenario: Mary spends two weeks preparing an anniversary gift for her husband John. And on the set day John is really carried away by work that he barely gives her the time to present the gift with all the enthusiasm she has. Meeting John his office, he receives the gift and because he is attending a very important meeting has to kind of insist on her going home. Probably so as to avoid bringing trouble on himself from his boss with regards to the meeting.

Bare with my example for the sake of illustration. But the thing here is Mary goes home with several things in her head. – Is John really serious about their marriage, – Even last night he has been acting strange, – and on and on. Every thing just gets mixed up and confusing. But if she can underline the real challenge here which actually is John’s insensitivity of just forcing her back home as though she did wrong to prepare an anniversary gift. If she does that then she will be able approach John later that night with a clear issue to address and solve. And a simple apology from John for being being insensitive will do the trick.

If you have figured the real root of your challenge. That one thing which if solved, will bring you back to your normal happy state. Hence you must also believe that the solution to that challenge is within your capacity to solve. With all that done the next thing to do is:

B) Generate Joy From Within

It is a big risk to rely on external environments to determine your mood. This is because they are always changing and you can’t afford to be going through mood swings like the weather in the rain forest. Every human was created to function best in an environment of bliss, joy and excitement. Like the fish needs the water to function so you need these. Have you ever seen a man ripped of joy? You will be looking at the most malfunctioning person on earth. Think of someone who had a break up? The secret to life and success is the ability to create your ideal environment by yourself. This is what differentiates the rich and the poor, the successes from the failures.

When you generate your inner joy and say to yourself boldly, “this challenge is not greater than me, I can overcome it“. You begin to create an escape window for yourself in your mind which will help you think out of the box. And so tap deeper into the potential within you which you have no idea about.

This second point is the key to the whole mystery. Resolve today to stop having self-pity parties under your blanket with your pillow when the goings get tough. Everyone in their lifetime must come to that point. But only those who look at the difficulty in the eyes and say to it “It’s true you are tough, but I got good news for you, am tougher“. Those who sit down with confidence and dig deep within to bring out the solution. These are those who make it through.

Am going to share with you two infallible techniques which if practiced and made it into a habit will turn you into a fountain of joy.

1) Practice Being Grateful 

Showing gratitude or giving thanks for everything that happens around you is a powerful tool generate joy from within. This is because it forces you to always look at the good in every messy situation. I give thanks to the Creator(God) always for all the happenings around me. For example: you trip down the stairs while in rush, instead getting mad, you say “Whaoh thank God I got down those stairs faster today“. Recognizing that you could have broken a bone or perhaps even died. So there you are actively looking at the good in the apparently messy situation.

2) Get Rid Of Joy Takers 

Seriously there are a bunch of material out there that we feed our soul with everyday but all they do is take our joy. From the “Breaking news” on news channels to discouraging teachers and friends, you must actually stay off these danger zones. Moreover they only give you reasons to worry increase your depression.

I don’t watch news. Yes and that has been for as long as I can remember and am doing just fine. If it’s anything that important, I will eventually get to know. Watch only cartoons and comic movies that will always get me laughing any day.

Most importantly I reassure myself daily by meditating on the book about you and Ithe Bible. Where I build my assurance concerning the things happening around. For example, one writing in it which I love reads: “ You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world“. How awesome!!! This gives me the motivation that indeed the God buried something more powerful and greater in me.

So filter everything that gets into your soul carefully. Build that oasis of bliss and joy which you will always carry around you to be the best version of yourself. A terror to challenges not a victim.

For further studies on getting rid of that depression for good I will recommend the following books and/or CDs.

[expand title=”Recommended Book no.1″]

This audio CD by Joyce Meyer, a renowned teacher and instructor in the aspect of managing emotions and effective living, a sensitive woman in the making, will guide your through the exit door of that hurt.


[expand title=”Recommended Book no.2″]

Edward T. Welch  a famous writer on fighting internal pain and suffering brings you to the clear understanding that depression is suffering and ushers you the new door of hope for a brighter future.



Victory Over Depression

I hoped you’ve learned a thing or two from this article and perhaps if you have some other thoughts to maintaining joy all round you I will greatly welcome them in the comments section below or if you have any question then also feel free to file it down below.


Bodas D.


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