How to Make Money Without a Job

07 Feb


How to Make Money Without a Job

How to Make Money Without a Job

Enough with all the unemployment songs we hear around the world. Who needs a employment to make money anyway? Let’s look at the pathway to creating wealth without being on anyone’s payroll.

Firstly, I will like to emphasize that this article is not about some ‘abracadabra’ method to creating wealth. Making money without a job doesn’t mean making money without working. So if you are looking for some get rich quick scheme – of which there aren’t any, sorry, you are in the wrong place and see you next time. If not then let’s dive!

Money Follows Value

What gives money the high regard is its value, the buying power it gives its possessor. But value is always exchanged for value and so thinking in these terms, you don’t necessarily need to be employed to create wealth but rather you have to create value or be a person of value. People are paid in companies according to the value they offer the company. So in simple terms, a valuable person even without a job will keep getting rich and rich because money follows value.

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Value is Created Through Deployment

Value is only created through the deployment of yourself. Today we hear people seeking employment but never deployment. Employment is when someone is paid to work for a company/organization while deployment is the use of someone’s gifts and talents in an effective way. When employed, your value or pay is determined by someone else but not when you are deployed.

The reason you must deploy yourself is that you were born with certain unique gifts, abilities, talents and every single one of them is a solution to a particular problem the world is facing. A dentist solves the problem of tooth ache and that is where his value is, so you pay for the solution he provides. So identifying your unique gifts, talents and the problems you were meant to solve helps you know how valuable you are.

Cultivate Your Gifts and Talents for Deployment

Artists, musicians, programmers, farmers etc. are all born with gifts, abilities and talents in their domains but they take the responsibility of cultivating their gifts and talents in the process of practice, study and research. This is what makes the difference between successful artists and non-successful artists. Abilities here could refer to knowledge or skills in accomplishing a given task. If you have knowledge or skill in doing something, you don’t necessarily need someone to employ to exercise your skill. Think of ways to independently exercise your skill/gift and create your own value.

Forget About Money and Pursue Value

Right now you can see that everything rotates around value. Always ask yourself the question “What value am I adding to the world?” You can’t create something valuable or be a person of value and lack success. The demand for gold and diamond is their value. Think of mango tree, its value is in the sweet juicy fruits it produces without which it would be chopped off and used for wood. So everyone runs to the mango tree because the value it gives them. Once you develop your gift and become a person who bares fruit (person of value), people automatically run to you and pay for the solution you provide. So success is a result of being a person of value and not a pursuit. Don’t strife to be successful, strife to be a person of value and success will follow you.

So if you loosed or are searching for a job, stop, take a moment and think again – What are my gifts, talents, abilities? What value are my adding to the world? What do I know to do that I can convert into wealth? Such questions if answered properly can change your life from an employee to a self-employed or even entrepreneur.

Become Yourself Through Work

Nowadays people are more occupied trying to be everyone else but themselves. You are unique in the whole world and that is the key to your success. Your uniqueness guarantees for that there is a problem that only can provide the solution and this makes you valuable anywhere you find yourself. The first man (Adam) was given clear instructions by the creator to become himself (work) – Genesis 2:15(NIV). To work is to cultivate your gifts, talents, abilities, skills, potentials to the maximum through studies and practice. The better you cultivate them, the more valuable you become and the more success will follow you. You can get fired from your job but you can’t get fired from your work. For Example: Birds are born with gift of flight which they develop. So you can cage a bird but you can’t fire it from flying. If you drive away a bird, it carries its gift along with it. So are your gifts within you, no one can take them from you, wherever you land, you gifts land with you.

My personal philosophy and believe is, that everyone can become a producer or entrepreneur in their area of gifting. Jobs should be a means to an end but not an end in itself – a means to polish and exercise gifts.


If you just lost your job, or perhaps are going through a crisis, my advice to you is to relax, who needs someone to employ them when they have your potentials, gifts, talents and abilities. Crisis are good in one thing, they bring discomfort that forces us to leave the daily routine and look deep within ourselves to realize and tap the hidden treasures buried in us. With crisis comes opportunity. Humorously, we have the tendency of settling for less than we deserve so sometimes God has to fire because we won’t move forward!. Adjust your thinking, look around and you will see several problems whose solutions are within your capacity to generate. This is the secret to financial freedom and continuous income flow – Value!

Thinking self-employment is thinking like an entrepreneur. I have included resources and a couple of books to help you dig deep into entrepreneurial mind.

Books For Creating Value and Money

It’s been my pleasure to share these principles for financial independence and success with you – how to make money without a job. For all your questions and thoughts about the principles, I will be happy to help in the comments below.


Bodas D.


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