How to Love Yourself

13 Apr


How to Love Yourself

How to Love Yourself

How do you love yourself? Many more people these days trying to be like celebrities than being themselves. If you love yourself, you would want to be the original of yourself rather than the photocopy of someone else. So how do you look beyond your limitations, color, race, ethnic background, depressing past and failures to fall in love with this you? Your self-confidence and self-worth depends on it. Right away let’s address that and give you the greatest love affair you will ever have with yourself.

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Many people look at themselves in the mirror and wish they had but this color skin; that color of hair, this height or that shape etc. We keep comparing ourselves with friends, neighbors and celebrities – who like everyone else also suffer from this lack of personal appreciation. And this drives people into diverse things like surgery, therapy etc.

Love in Thoughts and Actions

It is very possible to love yourself and appreciate everything about you from your past, to your limitations, weakness, failures, color, race, ethnic background and physical features. Love is a verb – an action word therefore there are things you do to love yourself. But however every action is motivated by thought, so there is also a way you must think about yourself before you will be able to love yourself. What makes you love a diamond is your thought of how rare and valuable it is. Likewise your thoughts about your brand new iPhone or car. The moment you stop thinking value about these objects (when they get old), you stop appreciating them.

A few thoughts you must know about you, if you must yourself:

1.   You are Unique

Many scientists have tried to prove the source of man. Some say man is a product of evolution and a cousin to the monkeys. Well that it isn’t very encouraging for someone who is already well dissatisfied of who they are. But the truth is you are unique in all creation. You are no product of evolution but rather the careful and perfect produce of the greatest manufacturer ever. God made you in His own image (Genesis 1:26) i.e. you have the Creator’s moral and spiritual capacity to function. You are not a product of chance. It is written about you that you were fearfully and wonderfully made – you’ve got “god” genes in you. Not only different all the animals are you, but you are also the single unique and limited version of yourself. No one like nowhere, not in history, not now, not ever. You’re eyes, fingerprint everything about you is the only that has & will ever be. Am honored to have a limited version read my post.

2.   You are a Winner!

You must understand that you were built for success, so you cannot fail. It is scientifically proven during intercourse a man releases averagely 500 million sperms. All these sperm cells, 500 million dash towards the egg and only one (1) fertilizes it and guess who that one was, You! You are not here to try to win but you are here because you are a winner. It doesn’t matter the failures you have experienced in your life, those were just a set up to build you up for your true success. Only quitters fail, but that doesn’t look like you – a champion from birth.

3.   You have a Great Destiny

If I gave you a strange egg that you have no idea about what animal it’s from and asked you to tell me what animal it is the highest you can do is guess and give your opinion. But however wrong or belittling your opinion about the egg is, it can never change the content of the egg. People might have ignored and ill-treated you mostly because they have no idea of who you truly are. You are a great person with a great destiny born to accomplish great things. So will you focus on the real content in you or an exam’s opinion about your potential? Therefore it is your responsibility to incubate and release the wonders in you to the world and that is only possible when you love yourself passionately.

4.   Irrespective of Your Mistakes, You Remain Valuable

You cannot love yourself if you don’t forgive yourself of the mistakes of the past and look beyond them. Despite your mistakes, God is still committed to what He created you to do – you are still valuable. A diamond ring thrown into a pig fence doesn’t lose its value because the pigs are abusing it. A twisted and tainted $100 dollar bill remains worth a $100 dollar despite the oil and crinkles on it. No matter the abominable act of your past, ask God to forgive you, forgive yourself and love you again.

5.   You are Important – the World Needs You

Every single human close to 8 billion of us were created for a purpose. No child is a product of chance – no such thing as illegitimate children but there are illegitimate parents. You were born carrying in you a solution (gifting) for one specific problem the world is facing today. It is your responsibility to discover, cultivate and release your unique gift to solve that problem. In that lies your value before men. The world is still facing several problems today because of many people who died without solving the problems they were born to solve. So you are important, and will become even more when you discover your purpose. We need your gift, I, need your gift. I guarantee you, without you and your gift, the world is sure to plunge into deeper crisis. Yes, you are that important – and sad not love someone that important right?

6.   You are Royalty

Your parents may never have told you about the secret of lineage but the truth is you are royalty. You have royal blood flowing in your veins. You creator, God, is the King of the universe and you being His kid makes you a prince or princess and a king or queen on earth. Well, I don’t know about you but that makes me love me more, and I just want to lift up my shouldersJ! You are royalty. Start thinking, walking, talking, dressing and behaving like who truly are and you will love yourself more than you could ever imagine.

Since love is an action word, after thinking rightly about yourself, the next things you must do to completely love yourself are:

7.   Appreciate What You Have and Where You Are

That said, royalty is not about what you have but about you. You don’t need a Royce to feel important, as a matter of fact because you are royalty whatever touch or possess becomes royal. So your bicycle automatically becomes a royal bike. You don’t need a castle, it’s not about the infrastructure but about you, your little home is privileged to have you living in it so it becomes a royal home. Start appreciating your royal height, color, eyes, shape, size… You are holding in your hands a royal phone or computer. Not because of the make but because of who is holding it – You! Stop desiring more things, they can’t make you important. Rather appreciate the little you have now while on your way to more because it’s you who makes them important.

8. Stop Imitating Others or Hiding behind Fashion

The secret is the more you discover yourself and who you really are, the more you’ll love yourself. Imitating celebrities and trying to become like everyone else makes you lose your originality. No matter how hard you try, the highest you can be is the copy (fake) of another whereas you can decide to be the original of who you are. The fashion industry today feeds on the people’s lack of self-concept, self-esteem and self-worth. So people feel if they were a certain brand or drive a certain mark, they become important. Searching for your value externally will always leave you dissatisfied with yourself and wanting more. Look within and find love!

9.   Have Good Discussions with Yourself

The breeding ground of love, is an environment of sharing and discussion is great way of sharing. The average person who feels dissatisfied about themselves always either blames, curses, insults, accuses themselves in when meditating in their heart. Practice thinking and talking nice to yourself by yourself. Think positive thoughts of how awesome, unique, and royal you are and those thoughts will eventually be manifested in action. On the other hand, when you keep blaming you, cursing you, accusing you and snubbing yourself, it generates negative energy and hatred. Talk nice about yourself!

10. Ignore Negative Comments

Loving yourself definitely wouldn’t make everybody love you too but that’s fine. No matter how many love you, if you don’t first love yourself it’s all a waste of time. However, giving attention to every negative comment, insult and mockery is not worth your time. Ignore the negative gossips and get busy giving them more things to gossip about. Decide today to define yourself by the way you look at yourself and people will start looking at you from your eyes. Love yourself passionately and people will have no other choice but to love even to the point of desiring your limitations and weaknesses.


It is important that you love yourself, because your self-esteem and self-confidence depends on it. There is more to you than meets the eyes. You got to convince what is really in your egg irrespective people’s opinions till it hatches and amazes everybody.

So those were my keys on how to love yourself. If you have any questions or comments, please leave in the comments below and I will be happy to help as much as I can. Also I encourage to share your experience with us, what is the one thing that makes it difficult for you to love yourself? I, and your fellow readers are eager to learn in the comments below. If you loved this post, please share it with two (2) of your friends. Thanks for reading!

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