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06 Oct


HOW TO PRINT YOUR OWN MONEY | Wisdom for Dominion

How To Print Your Own Money

“I am one step away from becoming rich, all I need now is money” – Anonymous.

If you think that quote is funny then I will advice you to read it again but more seriously this time. If money is what makes you rich, and in our current day it is “paper”, then isn’t it basic logic that if you can print more money then you will be richer?

So I hope to communicate to you in this short post, some truth that I hope will initiate you into the noble art of printing your own money. Okay, did I just say “noble”? You’re probably wondering right now whether this is legal or not… but trust me your government will be so glad that you’re doing this and they will even praise you in the process.

The world has been in an economic/financial crisis for a while now and somehow it just keeps getting worse and worse. We complain there’s no money but the irony is that money is being printed by our government banks on a daily basis. Millions and even billions of dollars everyday. You will agree with me that no money left our planet to the moon or mars. So all of it is still here, more is being printed daily and yet we can’t have enough. So take it from me, you better wake up and print yours to guarantee your financial buoyancy.

Last time I checked, it is strictly illegal to print the Franc CFA or any currency for that matter by yourself but yet here we are, me trying to show you how to print more and you excitedly reading along. As you’ve probably guessed there’s another way to print money without directly printing papers with faces of people and figures on it. You ask me how? First, think of any rich person and I guarantee you that’s what they’re doing. Yeah I’ve been doing that for close to a year now and it’s working pretty well. If we are doing it then you too can.

Right now come closer let me tell you the secret, hey hey, hope nobody is hearing… Here it is:

“The minute you create something of value that can be exchanged for money, you have just printed money for yourself.”

Note the key words there are “CREATE“, “VALUE“, “EXCHANGE“. Think about it, where does money come from? Where did it originate and if not for the fact that recently it’s been untied from gold or any real world assets, how should we know if or if not to print more? Stay with me…

If we fall back to the basics then true money is the precious metals and stones that exist naturally like gold, silver, bronze, diamond etc. So imagine in ancient Babylon when those were the currency, it only makes sense that miners then were the wealthiest. If money is gold and you go out and mine some more what have you just done? Yes, you’ve “printed” more money for yourself and increased the amount of gold/money in circulation. So out of nothing, you’ve just printed money for yourself by just “tapping into the natural resources already available“. Take note of “natural resources”.

Well I know you may be saying, yeah but Bodas we are no longer in ancient Babylon and you don’t expect to me mine nor print my currency. Yes I don’t but remember the secret says “what can be exchanged for money“.

If I write/create a great book making use of mainly my natural resources of imagination and people rush to give me money in exchange for the books what did I just do?

If I take circuits and put them together in a way that has never been done yet to create an affordable home computer and people pay money in exchange for it what did I just do?

If I write some lines of code to create a program that will help you accomplish more using my natural resources of thinking capacity/genius and I take money in exchange for it what did I just do?

If I use my knowledge of mixing groceries to create a succulent dish and have people line up to exchange their money for it what did I just do?

If I develop my natural talent/ability as an athlete/footballer/gymnast etc. and have people give money in exchange for the show I make/create what did I just do?

The list can go on and on, but I hope you get the point? Unlimited wealth and riches only come from creating something out of technically nothing. If buy a product and sell to make a profit then your wealth is limited to how many you can buy from the producers. But if you create a product, there’s no limit to the amount you can create thus you can keep printing your money till thy Kingdom come.

This could be a little technical to grasp but if I ask you, what have you created on planet earth? what new thing have made available here on earth that wasn’t here before you came? Everyone has the capacity and potential to create something irrespective of your field because we’re created by God and there’s a level of His creative power and genius that He put in you and I. Don’t just create for creating sake. Create something valuable that meets a need or solves a problem.

The goal is to use mainly the natural resources, skills and talents already at your disposal. Combining them in a new and unique way to create something extraordinary and new! That alone can guarantee the limitlessness of your printing. Because if you have to spend a lot to create something then your printing machine is no very efficient. Tap into the resources given you free by the Manufacturer.

The producers of top mobile games on the web print millions of dollars daily for themselves by having you pay real money for digital coins and gems which they could create without limit. YouTubers make a video once and earn a lifetime every time someone watches them – that’s unlimited printing capacity.

You could create a new teaching method, cooking method, accounting method, medical procedure, designing method… anything Please just create something… you can’t just die like that. You’ve got it in there right inside of you. Wake Up! Don’t die with our stuff… Put your brain to work and THINK!!!

Well, I hope you will take action and build a money printing machine for yourself. To some people it’s their website/channel, book, game, recipe, research theory, music, movie, fashion design, product, idea etc.

Let me leave you with this for now and you’ll get more in the upcoming sequel to my ebook on success The 2nd Secret to Success. Yap, it’s official , the ebook is undergoing intense cooking right now!. If you haven’t read the The 1st Secret to Success, then you absolutely want to do so!
If you want financial freedom then “print” your own money, that’s the only way.

Hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comments what you think and your questions. Thanks again for reading and happy printing!

God Bless You!
Bodas Djoumessi




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  • Vaalotu Iakopo

    Awesome read brother. God bless

    • Bodas D.

      Thanks Brother

  • Nsikakabasi Ekanem

    Thanks so much Sir. You have opened another faculty in my mind. I am so inspired. Thanks once again.

    • Bodas D.

      Hallelujah! So excited to hear that. Congratulations on opening a new faculty in your mind. Continue to do to the glory of God and remain blessed!

  • Curtis Byron

    Interesting view on becoming an entrepeneur!!! Great Article!!

    • Bodas D.

      Yeah that’s right Byron – entrepreneurship. Thanks for reading!

  • Samuel Hosea Hotip

    Woo…interesting and am even convinced with this.


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