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24 Sep


How To Ensure The Accomplishment of Your Plans | W4D

Making Sure Your Plans Come to Pass

It is a common ritual for people to make a plan every beginning of the year but how many of us actually fulfill these resolutions? Everyday we make both short term and long term plans. For example; a student plans his personal study schedule in order to excel in his academics, and a Christian plans his spiritual activities to get closer to God. That student may eventually have what seems like a perfect timetable, with enough time allocated to every course, enough leisure and resting time but still find it difficult to abide by them; postponing activities, sleeping much and finding it difficult to get up from bed to study when he should.

Same goes for that christian who may plan to have weekly fasts, regularly go on evangelism, attend various church meetings etc just to find themselves lagging. If you find yourself in such a dilemma, these are some helpful tips for you.

Step 1: Commit Your Works Into God’s Hands: 

King Solomon coined this in the following words; “Commit your works unto the Lord and thy thoughts shall be established”.
Admit that you can’t do it by just your will or strength. Zechariah 4:6 puts it that, It is not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit says the Lord. You need the backing of God for grace to fulfill your plans.

Step 2: Write Down Your Plans:

There is a mystery in writing down your plans. Habakkuk 2:2 says, “write the vision and make it plain upon the tables, that he may run that readeth it”.
Writing it down creates a picture in your mind which can act as a reminder to you anytime you are late, off track or discouraged. By so doing, you can know where and when you should take corrective actions.

Step 3: Be Accountable to Somebody:
Do you know why it is easier for a student to obey his school timetable than his personal study timetable?. This is because he has to give accounts to his school authorities, parents and guardians for school attendance. It is easier for a Christian to always make it early at his job site than at church meetings because he is conscious of the fact that he has to give accounts to his boss who pays his salary.

I know that in this world where almost everyone seeks independence, giving accounts might seem like a lack of freedom. But this is not necessarily the case. Being conscious of the fact that you have to account for the success of your plans to somebody will motivate you in a bid to not disappoint them. For instance, you can get a mentor, you can tell your friends about what you plan to do, you can tell your parent as a student and so on.
I personally think being able to humbly give accounts to someone when you need to is more of a sign of maturity than a lack of freedom. Of course, you still need to eventually build in self-discipline for yourself to get things done with or without supervision.

Step 4: Take Action:
This is where you put your plan to work. Just start from somewhere. Do not deceive yourself with excuses concerning why you should not start when you should start. Take the 1 talent at hand and multiply it.
In fact, even when you have a vision, you must not wait for everything to be unfolded before you start working on it. Start where you are.

Step 5: Monitor Your Plan Progress (go back to that written plan):
Sometimes, we may forget certain details about our plans. It will help to go back to that written plan to measure our progress in accomplishing it. By so doing we can see where we may be lagging.

Step 6: Take corrective actions where needed:
Humbly accept errors. In case you fall, do not stay on the floor, rise up and pick up from where you left off.

You should note that not all plans you may have are the right ones. As the Great book puts it, there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death. More so, the fact that a plan is good, does not necessarily mean it is the right one. Hence, give room for God’s plan to manifest in your life.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Why not give it a try for a given project at hand and give me your feedback. You can as well share this with your friends and family, no one should be left behind. If you have any question or contribution, I will like to see them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading. Stay blessed!!!

Excellence Athumkezih A.


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  • Stephy

    This is wonderful.thk You

  • Naana

    Thank you so much Bodas and your team. May Jehovah God mightly bless your endeavours and mastery of helping others to develop their full potential through these scripts, videos and teachings. I am BLESSED to have come across this channel. I can wholly say your life is indeed an overflow of the inflow in the mentorship you have received from others, notably from one of the most inspiring of teachers, the late Rev Myles Munroe of BLESSED MEMORY whose Legacy continues to bless so many peopke across the globe. AMEN

    • Bodas D.

      Amen Naana. We give glory to God and thanks to you too for being here!

  • Ekwoge Henry

    Can I get a hard copy? I need to read this every day till i planned, carry out and archeive. This is what i need. THANK YOU

    • Excellence Athumkezih

      We do not print our articles, but you can print it out yourself for personal use

  • Excellence Athumkezih

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