Church Growth Strategy: Home Cell Systems

06 Feb


Church Growth Strategy: Home Cell Systems

How to Grow Your Church: Home Cell Strategy

Unlimited church growth is still a great possibility today. But trying to achieve this within the confines of the traditional church growth methods of massive crusades and door-to-door evangelism can seem tedious. How do you preach the gospel in the streets of an ever so busy society? With people living and working in: skyscrapers and within fences.

The traditional door-to-door evangelism generally sparks confrontation and resentment. Jesus said we are the salt (Matt 5:13) of the earth and the yeast (Matt 13:33) of the world. Those statements actually mean one word – Influence. To get more people into the kingdom of God you must influence them in and not force nor scare them. Influence has to do with passive transformation. You affect someone’s life without them even noticing and all they realize after is: I am not the person I used to be. And all this without hurting their feelings and self-esteem. Jesus is to return to a church with full grip on every area of society and the secret to this is Home Cell Systems.

You should check out our short video on church growth through home cells for more insights.

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What is Home Cell System And How Does It Work?

Home cells are small house to house fellowship meetings held on a regular basis (weekly) in the homes of church members and this is attended by a number of the church members living in that neighborhood. Activities are mainly geared towards spiritual uplifting, meeting of needs and evangelism. When they cells grow to a large number, they split and parts is taken to other homes in the neighborhood and as such, in time the community could be filled with home cell groups. So this gives the church a grip on the neighborhood, community and eventually the city.


The Key To Church Growth: Home Cell Evangelism.

When the home cell groups grow and multiply this implies the church also is growing. We saw earlier that traditional evangelism methods for winning souls can be challenging but Dr. Paul shows a totally new method as used by his cell ministers which he calls Holy Eavesdropping. His cell ministers will go out roaming the neighborhood just offering to help whosoever they can help carry something or do something. By so doing if they overheard someone talking about their challenges in a conversation, as the Spirit leads they will join in to offer support and so they develop a relationship with the neighbors. Eventually they offer the potential of a solution to these people’s challenges during the cell meetings.

Many people generally are skeptical of going to churches, but seeing that the home cell is just a small meeting of friendly people, they hardly resist the invitation when they are truly seeking for a solution to their problems.

Of course every meeting containing the pure word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit never leaves the attendees the same. So this people continue coming for the meeting as the word of God shows them solutions to save their marriages, solve financial challenges, family crises etc. and sooner or later they surrender to Jesus and start coming to the church. So this is literally bringing the church to the people right in the quarters.

Advantages of Home Cell Groups

A major drawback in church growth is membership consolidation and care. But with every member belonging to a home cell center, the church can through the cell ministers know the welfare of each and every member and track attendance. So with this it is difficult for members to backslide and go unnoticed.

This strategy explains how the early church in the midst of all the persecution by the teachers of the law still thrived. This is because they were not making any noises in no synagogues. Rather they were like a virus, quietly eating into every neighborhood that the Christians lived in, as the Bible records they were meeting in their homes.(Acts 2:46)


So finally, with this strategy properly put in place  there is no limit to how large any church can grow. More details on everything you need to know from properly setting up the cells to effective evangelism and community influencing are found in Dr. Paul’s book which I’ve provided a link below. Just click on it and get a copy for yourself and all those you think will need one.

Noting that the success of home cell groups is not the job of the pastor alone but of the cell ministers too and all cell members – so literally the whole church. So I will encourage you to share to article with your pastor, fellow brethren… Join the discussion in our Church Growth forums. Once this vision is caught by every member, the next thing to do is to build a larger church auditorium.

Of course there could be different challenges to setting up such a system in different places. Imagine a home cell in your neighborhood? but remember difficult is not impossible and this strategy can be tuned to suit your church’s needs. So I will love to hear from you, what you think about this home cell strategy in your neighborhood and all your comments in the comments below.


Bodas D.


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  • Kenny

    Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, we call them Life Groups in our local church. We realize that Prayer+ holy eavesdropping is an important lifestyle of a believer.

    • Bodas D.

      Hahaha that’s right Kenny!

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