About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

About the Founder

Bodas Djoumessi

Bodas Djoumessi is a young and gifted communicator, inspirational and leadership speaker, writer, vlogger and business coach who’s greatest passion in life is to see men live to their highest potential.

He is a software engineer with a B.Eng from the University of Buea, South West Region Cameroon. A certified leader, with a certificate of the Leadership Diploma Course (LDC) from the Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) Buea and other audiovisual leadership training programs from his mentor and father Dr Myles Munroe. He is a big lover of books and lifelong student of Life.

His vision and purpose is to help humans rediscover who they truly are according to the Creator’s design and empower them with the knowledge and wisdom to become it. A vision he also describes as “Establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in The Hearts of Men”.

He was born in the central African country of Cameroon where he lives. He is a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, an aviation enthusiasts, adventurer and lover of piano music.

About Wisdom for Dominion

Wisdom for Dominion was founded by Bodas Djoumessi in November 2016 and we are dedicated to the following:

Vision: To bring men and women all over the planet to a discovery of who they truly are according to God’s design and empower them to become it – To Have Dominion Over the Earth!

Mission: Empower men and women to reach their highest potential through the instrument of scripture based knowledge/revelation and wisdom. With primary focus being on Purpose, Leadership, Business & Entrepreneurship and Relationship.

Platforms of Operation:

(A) Online:  We make use of current media technology to pursue our agenda with mainly a YouTube channel Wisdom for Dominion and social media accounts. Our short targeted inspirational videos, most of which are excerpts from the teachings of our chief mentor the great Dr Myles Munroe, are making great impact in the YouTube motivation community. We plan on maximizing technology, as a tool for reaching out to more people in the likes of mobile apps, motivational social media, self-development games etc.

(B) Offline: Seminars, workshops, conferences, teachings and counselings characterize our offline activities with our primary focus being the youths and upcoming generations. We’re out to train, mold and shape the minds that cross our path to truth about themselves.

We see Wisdom for Dominion agencies situated all over the world particularly in 3rd world nations bringing back identity and dignity to man. Molding the minds of the young generation to God’s omnipotence hidden them, so they can boldly and audaciously shape the future, leaving the world a better place than we all met it. We see a world class leadership development center!

For inquiries or to support our work Email Us: wisdomfordominion@gmail.com



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