10 Tips to Read 4 to 16 Books a Month

27 Feb


10 Tips to Read 4 to 16 Books a Month

              10 Tips to Read 4 to 16 Books a Month

Reading books is an activity which either could be extremely boring or extremely exciting. In this article you will learn the tips get the latter experience. Ten tips to read 4 to 16 books each month in the most enthusiastic spirit.

If you are like the majority of people in the world today, then you find reading tedious and boring. Especially the academic text books which are all forced to read for good grades. If you can develop the habit of reading just a book a week which will culminate to 4 books a month you will be placing yourself in the top 10% of people in the world. This is because studies shows that the average person reads one book a year. So reading 50 books a year makes you 50 times better. So how do you read 4 books a month you make ask? Actually I have already given the first tip – did you notice it:

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  1. Give Yourself A Good Reason On Why You Ought To Read

Is being 50 to 100 times smarter than the average person in your office, class, neighborhood not an excellent reason to pay that price of reading? Before you are able to read much, you must find a tangible motivation which will be your drive. You need this drive because often even the books on the most exciting topics can get boring. So ask yourself the question, how will reading more every month benefit you in your career, academics, organization etc. What makes the difference between everyone’s experiences in life is the amount of knowledge each one possesses. Determine to be better, smarter, wiser and more valuable in your domain by going after the knowledge.

2. Read What You Are Passionate About

There is no sweeter thing than reading your passion. When you read topics on which you are passionate about, your passion becomes a drive. So you are more prone to finishing the book than reading a topic you have no interest in. One of the most vexing thing is looking at a book you have read 60% percent and are unable to finish. You can’t even boast about having read the book, so spare yourself that pain and go for your passion.

3. Pre-set Your Reading Map

One of the things I do is that I identify where I want to grow in knowledge, select the books that will get me there and set up a catalog of all the books weeks or months in advance. At the beginning of each month, identify the key topics you want to be wiser in and select books which can help you acquire that wisdom. Queue the books so you know exactly which book you are reading after which. I often place a less exciting book before a more exciting one. So I will be motivated to endure the less exciting so as to get to the more exciting book. It will be very helpful to even set deadlines for each book so as to put some pressure on yourself.

4. Practice A Minimum 1 hour Daily Reading Plan

Average books go from 200 to 300 pages. Practicing the art of reading one hour a day or 30 to 45 pages daily will make you finish an average book in about 7 days. So just reading one hour a day will culminate to 1 book a week and thus 4 books a month. With that alone, the lower limit of our target is achieved. It will be helpful to read at the same period of the day every day, so as to train your brain and develop the habit.

5. Listen To Audio Books

Reading hardcopy books 1 hour each day will get you through a book every week. Likewise listening to audio books one hour each day will get you through a book at the end of the week. Identify those routine tasks in your day that don’t demand acute reasoning and are sometimes boring and listen to audio books while doing them. These could include: walking, doing the general house chores (dishes, clothes etc.), and routine office work. Listening to audio books while working has made me love some general unproductive tasks I do in a day. This is because my brain has associated doing those chores to exciting new stories and lessons.

So as of now, effectively reading what you’re passionate about for an hour each day and listening to audio books in the course of doing non-productive task for 1 hour each day will give you exactly 8 books a month – Isn’t that wonderful?!

6. Read Soft Copy Books

Besides the long walks, unproductive tasks openings for listening to audio books, practicing the reading of softcopy books from phone, tablet, computer during a short taxi ride, bus trip, train trip or flight could greatly increase the amount of pages you read cumulatively. Even in a waiting room, reading a couple of pages will be great. The advantage with softcopy books is that you can have them all in your phone and seize every opportunity to go through a page.

7. Read Multiple Books At Once

Sometimes a book gets boring at a particular time. Reading two to four books all alongside one another gives room for switching in such conditions. So practice taking at least two related or slightly related books at once so you can switch when one becomes a little earthbound.

8. Practice The Noble Art Of Non-Finishing

When a book becomes really boring and makes it tedious for you reading it despite the application of tip no. 7, then it’s time to give it up. You can always get a different book on that same topic and perhaps find it more interesting. Don’t waste too much time trying to forge your way through a book unless you have no choice. Trying to force yourself to finish a book, will consume your precious time for reading other books and chances are that you will not retain any of the stuff you “force-read”.

9. Strategize The Placement Of Your Books

If you are reading hardcopy books, it will be useful to place the books in strategic locations around the house. Because reading 10 pages from 4 different books in different locations will give you the 40 pages a day you need to record a book a week. Putting a book in your restroom may sound weird but if you spend 15 minutes in there you could cover at least 5 pages – hum funny but effective right? Locate the places you spend time unproductively and place a book there.

10. Find A Reading Partner

Having a reading partner helps for accountability. Someone you report your progress to. It would greatly help if the reading partner reads also so you challenge one another into reading more and more. Some books are more fun and exciting when read by two people or more. So let your reading partner push you into reading more and sometimes read with you.


Finally, all the above tips are purposed to help you squeeze out every minute from your daily schedule to help your read more and more. These tips if carefully practiced could get you into finishing up to 16 books a month. The idea, – to meticulously recover every minute of your day and use it to improve yourself. So read them over again and start practicing

Those were my 10 tips on reading 4 to 16 books a month and of course this list is not exhaustive neither is it all that generic. You could have a different style. Whatever works for you is worth sticking to. I will like you to share any other tip that has worked for you in the comments below. I, and your fellow readers are quite eager to learn from you. Leave your questions and any other thought below and I will be happy to help as much as I can.

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