10 Tips to Make People Like You

27 Feb


10 Tips to Make People Like You

10 Tips to Make People Like You.

Socializing is a vital nature in people but bringing it about is not as easy as it sounds. How do you make people like you when you join a new: school, group, organization, community, team etc., meet someone new? The following 10 tips will put you on the fast lane to making new friends and keeping a warm relationship with old ones.

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The tips to making people like you are:

First off, trying to get people to like you by using gimmicks, crafty techniques, fashion dressing or simply trying to please them never works. Seduction and crafty methods may seem to pull people close to you but once people realize that you are fake, they vanish away immediately like birds from a cage. So be real, be yourself.

  • Love and Appreciate Yourself

The very first step to getting people to like you is by getting to love yourself. You can’t expect us to like you and be attracted to you when you don’t even like yourself. When you love yourself and are comfortable in with who you are with a strong sense of self-worth, self-concept and self-esteem, people are automatically attracted to you. Remember, we can’t value you more than you value yourself. So love your body, color, race, cultural heritage, and be proud in who you are and cast away every form of insecurity. This is because people prefer flawed but authentic persons than pretenders. For more on how to love yourself check out our article 7 Tips on How to Love Yourself.

  • Express Good Character and Attitude

Acting in good behavior of kindness, sound character and attitude will make people trust and like you immediately. However you must be cautious and really develop your character such that your kind gestures should be genuine and from the heart. People hate being deceived and so if they spot the tiniest inconsistency in your character they will never trust you again.


  • Smile

There is no action more pleasing to the soul than a warm genuine smile. There is a difference between smiling with your lips and smiling with your whole body. A smile is a gesture of friendliness and passes the message than you have lowered your guards. Practice smiling with your whole body before a mirror and see the energy it generates.

  • Express Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Majority of people struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem and will naturally be drawn to someone they can admire these attributes. Walk and talk confidently with a sense of completeness not needing to gain approval from anybody. Approve of yourself and be confident in yourself.

  • Show Genuine Appreciation

Confidence and a sense of self-concept often is interpreted for arrogance the insecure. So avoid this misunderstanding by finding something you really like about the other person and appreciating it genuinely from the depth of your heart. This could be their dressing, hair, eyes etc. However, insincere appreciation will definitely embarrass you and seem abusive just like appreciating faults in someone’s dress or shoes. Charles Schwab puts his secret to winning friends this way:

“I am hearty in my approbation and lavish in my praise”

  • Be A Good Listener

When you meet people always let them do the talking and take the pain to listen to their every sentence with regular affirming words like ‘hmmm’, ‘ok’ or ‘tell me more’. Most people never get to find someone who will genuinely listen to them. By sincerely giving your attention to them, you automatically make them trust you. The best conversationalist are not those who talk well but those who take the time to listen.

  • Present Yourself As Simple As Possible

People tend to rival with every new person they meet due to high sense of insecurity, so presenting yourself to seem to superior thereby making them feel inferior will chase them away from you. From your dressing style to talking style, you want to be simple and original – just you. You don’t necessarily have to force yourself to fit in but practice the old saying, “When you get to Rome, do what the Romans do”.

  • Don’t Appear to Be Too Wise Nor Too Smart

In the art of attracting people, you definitely don’t want to be a show off, trying to impress people with how much you know or can do better them. Never talk of yourself, your know-how and your ability unless asked by the person. People hate to feel inferior, so you want to keep your excellence to yourself. And when asked to share your knowledge, being humble in your style is the key to keeping everyone on the same page.

  • Avoid Arguments And All Potential Source of Disagreement

An argument won, is a friend lost. So you benefit nothing in trying to prove your point to people and trying to show them that they’re wrong. No one feels happy about being proven wrong – do you? So avoid arguments, if necessary, accept fault and apologize even though you may be the one right. In this way you are superior and save yourself the loss of energy and a friend. People can’t like you if you always disagree with them.

  • Show Genuine Interest In The Person’s Passion

Many people long to share their passions which could range from gardening, athleticism, football, music, or even just collecting things. There is nothing more frustrating than burning with passion about something and having no one to pour that to. So if you can show genuine interest in someone’s passions or likes, then you give them room to be at the best of themselves and this will make them feel good about themselves and about you who gave them that privilege. So find out the people’s passions and get interested in them.

Finally, despite all these steps and many possible others, you must come to realize the truth that you can’t get everybody to like you so settle that now. Don’t go on with life moody because you are spending all your efforts trying to gain approval from someone. Love yourself first and others will love you for who you are.

Those were my top 10 tips to make people like you, and of course these tips are not all there are. Am sure you have some tips that have worked for you both consciously and subconsciously. I invite you to share them in the comments below, I, and your fellow readers are quite eager to also learn from you. In the art of winning friends and influencing people, I will recommend the book

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