10 Steps to Start YouTube Channel for Less Than $100 dollars

22 Apr


10 Steps to Start YouTube Channel for Less Than $100 dollars

Start YouTube Channel With $100 dollars or Less

Share your ideas, discoveries and experiences with the world by creating a YouTube channel with a budget of one hundred dollars ($100) or less. The principle is simple, leverage your creativity and thinking capacity to get the required results and save yourself plenty cash in the process.

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If you have ever dream of operating your own YouTube channel but later became discouraged by trying to imagine the cost, then let me share with you 10 steps to help you create your own channel at a cost of almost nothing. Maybe your channel could be for celebrity talk, howto videos, screen tutorials, gaming videos etc. all that is possible. The objective is to achieve your desired results at a far cheaper cost by thinking again! The only assumption here is that you have a laptop computer already or a simple computer of any sort for manipulating your videos. However you can pick one of these simple low cost laptops for a start:
1. Acer Chromebook 14, Aluminum, 14-inch Full HD, Intel Celeron Quad-Core

2. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM 15.6-Inch Full HD Notebook
3. HP 14-inch Laptop, AMD E2-7110, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, Windows 10

1)   Get a Good Camera

The very first necessity for your channel of course is a good camera. Except you are screen recording or game recording. There are thousands of different brands of cameras with all sorts of functionalities – most of which for the purpose of your channel, you might never use. So for a start the cheapest way to capturing yourself is by using a mobile phone. Any mobile phone with a clear enough camera of over 5 megapixels should do the trick. You can compensate for any slight limitations by using a video editor which I will share below.

However, the’re  second handed simple cameras you will find on amazon which could cost $60 to $80. I started with an already used Samsung PL120. It is good enough for short range videos of less than 10 meters. That’s it for the camera, get the PL120 or use your phone or why not someone else’s phone – all is that you achieve your results of recording!

2)   Get a Camera Stand and Lighting System

Professional camera stands and lighting systems will cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. But if you can focus only at the results you are trying to achieve here, you will realize your table or chair could serve as a great low cost stand right? You can simply adjust the height and angle using some books to create a stable surface to support your camera. It is also possible to leverage local skills to make a customized basic camera stand out of wood or bamboo if necessary.

The purpose of a lighting system is to focus light on the subject or object of interest during shooting so as capture a clearer image in the video. So how about using your simple reading lamp and a fluorescent bulb to serve as a projector of light to yourself or the object. Such reading lamps could cost about $10 putting it together with the price of a high power bulb we have about $15. And if you already possess them then that’s zero cost equipment. You can think of any equipment in your possession which could be used as substitutes.

3)   Get a Video Editor

A simple to use video editor will be helpful in the basics editing your videos, adjusting color and reducing background noise. The good news is there are many easy-to-use free video editors on the web like:

Also for implementing more advanced features and effects into your videos, you could use the 30 days trial versions of the following before making up your mind of whether to invest in them or not.

4)   Get a Good Screen Recorder

If your channel will be more about screen tutorial videos on programming, designing, editing etc. then you will find these free screen recorders up to the task:

And for more advanced compilations, screen recordings consisting of both your talking image and the work screen, you can use the trial versions of these also

For laptop tutorials, you could use your internal microphone and later on use one the video editors above to clean off background noises and keyboard keys sounds. However, some low cost table microphones like the USB Microphone and the Tonor USB Professional Condenser Sound Podcast Studio Microphone for PC will be very efficient.

5)   Create a Brand

The best way to make your YouTube channel stand out from all others is by creating a brand unique to yourself: channel name, logo, cover photo, unique video thumbnail pattern. When your channel is a brand, your subscribers can identify your videos and products at a distance. You can create and customize your channel logo for free here Canva Logo Design and Free Logo Design. A simple photo editor like Photoshop and Gimp would be suitable for creating cover photos and video thumbnails. Consistency in design and uniqueness is the key!

6)   How to Advertise and Promote Your Channel

Self-advertising and self-promotion is extremely easy today using the social media. To get the word out about your channel, leverage every social media with your targeted audience. Create: a Facebook page and/or group, twitter account etc. The more prominence you have on social media the greater number of potential viewers and subscribers you are going to have at your disposal. By using a consistent cover photo and profile picture for all your accounts, you gradually engrave your brand into the minds of your already and potential followers.

7)   Create a Website

Having social media accounts is good for retaining followers but nothing is better than your own digital real estate where you make your own rules. Creating a simple WordPress website for free will permit you embed your videos to the website and engage with your followers more dynamically. A website will also give you opportunity to collect your followers’ email addresses in a newsletter so you can mail them new videos and promotions directly. Check out how to create a simple WordPress website.

8)   Convert Your Videos to Articles

Converting your videos to articles or blog posts on your website is good strategy for expanding your reach and influence on the web. This will permit you target those who might just want to read and not watch.

9)   Give Your Channel a Big Launch

You might be tempted to just start putting content and your channel haphazardly and getting people to visit since you are just starting out. But NO! People will only value and give attention to your channel as much as you give it value and make it important or special. So prepare your first content and keep, create your social media accounts and define a launch date. A date on which you will officially make your content available and public. By wetting the appetites of potential followers and viewers in groups on social media, you create curiosity and anticipation for the big release. This will cause your channel to gain attention from early on.

10)                 Get Active in Forums to Drive Traffic

Finally with everything all set and your channel up and running, your job is to drive traffic daily to your site. Of course you could use paid advertisements on Facebook and other platforms but remember we are minimizing cost to the lowest. By consistently participating in online forums and groups you will get the opportunity to refer people to your channel and/or website quite often. And those shared links will continue stir curiosity and send traffic to your site. You can participate in Facebook groups related to your content, online solution forums like Stackoverflow for programming and Quora for general question and answers.

It is very possible to start your YouTube channel at a cost of $100 dollar or less if you look around you carefully to see what you have that you can use to get what you want. Of course starting with low cost equipment doesn’t mean you’ll end with them. Once you begin, you can keep upgrading your equipment as you go. I have carefully selected and organized ideal equipment at the best prices for the different needs your channel might have. Best Price YouTube Channel Equipment. The best place to begin upgrading.

Those were my 10 steps to start a YouTube channel at $100 dollars or less. Try them and leave your comments or questions below, I will be happy to help as much as I can. If you have learnt anything new here, then I, and your fellow readers too will love to learn from you. What other possible step(s) do you think one could use to minimize cost in starting a YouTube channel? Please leave your answer below. Thanks for reading!

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