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7 Tips to Making The Most of Your Singlehood | Wisdom for Dominion

7 Tips Making The Most of Your Single-hood There is a season for everything. Your season of singlehood (unmarried) is not just a season to wait for marriage as many […]

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How To Ensure The Accomplishment of Your Plans | W4D

Making Sure Your Plans Come to Pass It is a common ritual for people to make a plan every beginning of the year but how many of us actually fulfill […]


Winning The Battle Against Low Self-esteem | Wisdom for Dominion

Winning The Battle Against Low Self-esteem! Self-esteem or self-respect or again self-confidence is defined by Wikipedia as an individual’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.  Simply […]

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Secret Cure To Your Financial Anxiety and Stress | Wisdom for Dominion

Secret Cure to Financial Anxiety and Stress Is it really possible to live your life on a daily basis without worrying about money at all? Is it possible to completely […]