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W4D Mobile Application Project

Hi, thank you for taking out your precious time to contribute this project. God bless you!

We really want the Wisdom for Dominion mobile application to solve a problem and meet needs in people’s daily lives. So below we’ve made a poll of what we think are the most important important features. Please just vote the 3 main features you will value most in the mobile application.

Motives Behind App Creation:

1. More control over our content and what you receive. Bypassing the YouTube selective algorithm.

2. Lack of monetization on our channel so far, therefore hopefully raise some revenue for the sustainability of the vision.

3. Bring all Wise Dominators from all platforms together to better network and connect towards mutual growth and benefit.

4. To empower you with an app like no other yet in existence, revolutionizing the way you grow and develop yourself.

5. Create an environment of fun and positive energy where visions are fertilized to full growth and potential.

Make Your Votes:

What 3 Features Do You Want Most In the App

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Okay thanks so much for your feedback. Now I really plead with you, to leave in the comments as detailed as possible, other things you will want the app to do for you. You could follow this format:

1- What feature/function do you want included and why?

2- Which if there are any, similar app(s) have this feature?

3- What other service will you like Wisdom for Dominion to give you besides videos, articles and picture posts?

4- Other infos


If you know of any similar app please include its name too.


Thank you so much!

Bodas Djoumessi


Wisdom for Dominion 



About Bodas D.

Bodas Djoumessi is a young leadership and motivational speaker whose greatest desire is to see people reach their full potential. He is a citizen of the Kingdom, an aviation passionate, writer, youtuber and mentor.

3 thoughts on “Mobile App Project – Wisdom for Dominion

  1. I think having a personal profile/portfolio that has your goals on it. Like a vision board, helping us to focus on the things we Do want in life so we dont get distracted by things we Don’t want. Also, it would be nice to be able to use the app as a planner to track our progress and plan/prioritize our daily activities. Make it so we can edit and design our pages like when Myspace was popular. Im trying to self-discipline and organize my life so i can live My life to My fullest potential by planning each day down to the hour. That would be a really great addition to this amazing idea helping people to evolve and experience the Kingdom.



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