5 Signs That You Will Be Rich

5 Signs that you will be rich

Success is predictable, and these 5 signs that you will be rich can be acquired and also lost. Whether you will end up rich or poor is not a product of chance or luck. Moreover, failure is also predictable. Do you have the signs of a money tree waiting for its season?

The signs which tell today if you will be rich or not tomorrow are the following:

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1)    You have developed an abundance mentality (rich mentality)

Give a billion dollar to a man chained in poverty mentality and he will go broke in no time. It all starts in the mind. A great sign that you are going to be rich is when you possess the rich’s mentality. A mentality of abundance and not of scarcity. Hoarding and selfishness is an evidence of the poor mentality. If you are open to giving back to society and to people without any worry that your money will finish is a great sign. This is because when you give, you are prone to start thinking of other ways to acquire more whereas when you hoard selfishly, you stop thinking of growth and whatever stops growing dies.

2)    You always thinking ideas to solve problems

The richest people on our planet today are products of the ideas they had which solved problems. While the poor complain of problems and crisis, the rich are constantly thinking of ideas to solve those problems and turn the crisis to their advantage thus making good cash! Are you always complaining about the lack of this or that in your society, how the government isn’t doing this or that? Or do you sit and brainstorm of ideas that could radically solve the problems while making you good money in the process? The latter attitude is a great sign that you will be rich. In every crisis is a gold mine. And because crisis on earth have come to stay, you have for yourself a sure source of wealth if you can think!

3)    You are not afraid of failure

Billionaire and current American president Donald Trump was once asked the secret to his success. His response was: “I always bought what I couldn’t afford because, I figured out if you are going to fail, then you might as well fail big”. The fear of failure makes more people poor than failure itself. What Mr. Trump was saying is he was always willing to take the risk into the unknown, not just take risk but take it whole heartedly. If you try you might fail or succeed, if don’t you won’t succeed. So try with all your heart because you might actually succeed. If you have developed the guts to dare into new ventures and uncertainties often, then you stand the greater chance of making it.

4)    You are quick to take action

Procrastination is the charming decorated path to failure and poverty. Successful people are quick to take action on all their plans and ideas. No billion dollar idea will make you drive a Rolls Royce, sitting in your head. You must bring out your ideas and take quick action on them, because many problems are seasonal and past that season your solution might become obsolete. If you are slow to action, then you become subject to the law of Diminishing Intent which says “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.” So develop the habit to take instant action and if you have it already, then that’s a plus.

5)    You are a lifelong learner

There are endless ways of creating wealth, but all these must be learned carefully. Ignorance is a great killer. Nothing is impossible, it’s only the method of doing it that must be discovered. Where many will not see an opportunity, a wise person with the right knowledge will see many possibilities. The rich who remain rich, constantly do their research, read books, magazines etc. to inform themselves properly on how to handle their wealth and on where the best opportunities lie. What you don’t know, you can’t appropriate. If you are like us, who have decided to never graduate from the school of life, then you are on road to discover business opportunities.

Well you can develop all these signs by a determination and passion to succeed financial. If you have them already, congratulations! I encourage you to keep practicing them and you are sure to succeed. If you lack any or all, relax, and start developing them. If you desire resources to help you polish yourself into financial exploits, then check out my list of Top 10 Money Books. I have done the research for you so…, enjoy!

Finally, those were the 5 signs to show that you will be rich. Of course this list is not exhaustive. If you think of a sign that should be in the list, then I invite you to share it in the comments below. I, and your fellow readers are eager to also learn from you. Leave all your questions below and I will be happy to help as much as I can. Because I value your ideas and thoughts on this topic, I invite you to join the discussion in our forum Success and Money.

I encourage you to share this article with two (2) friends you will want to be rich together with and get their feedback on how many of the signs they possess already. Remember Sharing is Caring. Thanks for reading.

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